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About us

Shaping the future, to change tomorrow.

Innovation and upcycling are at the core of our eco-responsible approach.

Our mission is to upcycled food co-products to create tasty, healthy and natural products.

As good as ever!

Our magic ingredient: Upcycled malted cereals

A major source of waste

To make beer, the process starts by immersing grains in a hot water tank to extract the sugars. After filtering the sweet liquid (wort) used to produce the beer, there remains in the tank what is called spent grains: wet grains.

The production of 1000 liters of beer generates around 300 kg of spent grains that were previously rarely upcycled.

A sustainable snack factory

We made our crackers with the malted grain used in the brewing process of beer to start this adventure. More recently we developed our tortilla chips by upcycling the corn that was used to make spirits.

Gourmet & healthy at the same time

"We believe in healthy and delicious food. That's why our products are made from simple ingredients.

100% natural, without preservatives or artificial flavours.